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Serving the Electroplating Industry Worldwide with the latest Brightener Technology, Formulations and Raw Materials.

Exclusive Distributor for Dicolloy® Products in North America
Manufactured in Germany - Bergische Elektrochemie GmbH

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Who we are

ProCom began servicing the American electroplating industry  in 1988.

The initial charter of the company was to provide formulation data and raw materials that would enable our customers to manufacture brighteners for acid copper, semi-bright and bright nickel, and chrome electroplating baths.

In the 1990's we grew and expanded. We began to offer formulations and raw materials for zinc brighteners, tin/nickel systems, and processes for electrolytic stripping of racks and reject parts. We also expanded our marketing effort to include Asia.

In the 21st century we are committed to the continued expansion of our markets and ongoing improvement of our product line. This improvement comes through research on improved raw materials and better, simpler, and more trouble-free formulations. ProCom's commitment and it's access to R & D facilities in both Germany and the US assures our customers that they will continue on the leading edge of electroplating technology.

Our raw materials are principally sourced from Germany. Our German partner company has been in business dealing with electroplating problems and solutions since 1924. They have, for the last 30 years, been one of the major manufacturers of raw materials for our industry.

What we do  

ProCom is one of only a few companies, world-wide, that can provide a complete line of raw materials and brightener formulation technology to make brighteners and other products  for electroplating.

ProCom  provides standard formulations for all of its raw materials, along with information on the function, minimum and maximum usages of each of the required raw materials. With this knowledge, our customers can begin with our standard formulations and modify it, if needed, to meet any special requirements.

This ability to produce infinite formulations using ProCom's standard raw materials yields lower costs and dynamic product flexibility.  If you would like to test the capabilities of any our of raw materials, please do not hesitate to contact us to receive a free sample.

We supply raw materials to make brighteners for copper, nickel, chrome,  tin/nickel, and zinc, as well as electrolytic stripping products.  Please visit our Products page for the most common examples of brighteners made from our raw materials.  If you have any questions about any of our products, please send us your questions with contact information so that we can reply as soon as possible.


Contact Information

        1-909-224-4517         Gerald Durham (United States only)

        (888) 860-8842         (United States Only) 
        (909) 533-2596         (International)
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P.O. Box 4604
Incline Village, NV  89450
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